Home composting is not a new concept but it has certainly become easier. But then why do so few households do it? That ranges from variety of reasons from the fear of insects or attracting pets to the forever present excuse of no time and lastly how does one person doing it matters? But it does, each small step is our way of progressing that one inch to reduce the destruction of planet.

Here are top 5 reasons as to why we should do it?

  1. Lets reduce the burden of our landfills!! and pollution of water!!Organic waste that can easily be composted forms 20-30% of landfills

2.  They are the food that our plants love..so for the love of gardening!!

1.Increases organic matter in soils2. Builds sound root structure3. Balances PH of soil for healthy plants

3. Reduces global warming..by stopping the harmful methane gas leaking into environment.


4. It is the nature’s way of recycling..to maintain the continuous cycle of growth and replenishment

Untitled design (1)

5. Because it is simple..and the need of hour!!

fact 1_Composting doesn't mean dealing with insects..fact 2_It doesnt require too much effort

And here are a few quick links for sites that provide all the more information:




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