Stress comes in many forms and in today’s lifestyle more frequently as well. The sedantry lifestyle combined with too many deadlines and success barriers to cross, results in stress points that lead to health issues. And then we look for retail therapy, messages and just buying more stuff, where there exists a simple low cost answer-gardening.

How many of us living in cities actually connect back to the food that we eat, how its grown, the pain and the process. Gardening is no longer a hobby but a lifestyle we all should be adopting and learning to grow our own food.

Here’s three simple reasons to start growing your own food.

The most tasty vegetables!! (4)

Reason No.2Add to your green space, and beautify your balcony or garden

Reason No.3The joy of seeing them grow and eat..uncomparable!!

Do let us know your experiences of growing your own food!!

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